Joshua Stocker

January 31, 2010, 6:24 pm
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Brief: Create 3D typography which communicates the word behind it
My word is “Horror”
Rather than being conceptual, and avoiding any cliches, I embraced them full-heartedly and created a set of six “scary letters” which in reality… appear to be more cute and nice than scary… But so is the effect of plasticine!


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[…] imagen destacada es un estudio de fuente realizado por Joshua Stocker. Licencia desconocida.Si te ha gustado este post, puedes votarnos en los Premios Bitácoras 2012 en […]

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[…] Since Westerners typically associate Friday the 13th with bad luck – the Italians and the Chinese apparently believe the complete opposite (I’d much prefer the latter, seeing as their civilizations have been around much longer than most of us) – I thought I’d go with the scary but cute typography of graphic designer Joshua Stocker. […]

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