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The Tree of Knowledge
February 11, 2010, 12:18 am
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Next Wednesday we will be given two hours to create an animation lasting between 10 and 20 seconds. The theme for everyones animation is books, but you really have a lot of freedom with regard to how you use books, and the part they play in the idea.

Our idea is based around the Tree of Knowledge. Below is tree we’ve built, made from thousands of pieces of paper, all taken from different books, and threaded onto wire. The wire branches were then tied together along with the help of a glue gun to create the structure of a tree. Finally I added white plasticine to make it stand up, but also create the trunk and enhance the overall look of the tree. On some of the branches are little books. In the animation the tree will actually grow from the “Book of Knowledge”. Each of the books is another world, and as the show you what grows within the book of knowledge, we will then show you the world that grows in a book within a book….

This will take a while to load. Its a test animation of the tree spinning.


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You’ve expressed what the Biblical tree of Knmowledge is about very well. Trees become paper for the leaves (pages) of books containing all ideas.

Comment by themysteryof

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