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The Tree of Knowledge pt 3
February 20, 2010, 5:02 pm
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Finished Animation


The Tree of Knowledge pt 2
February 20, 2010, 4:33 pm
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On wednesday we were given our two hours to actually animate our idea, which was of course the Tree we spent a few days last week building. We shot the animation backwards, gradually taking the tree apart to simulate growth when played backwards. It was hard to keep the movements consistent in rotations, and also to get everything done within the amount of time we had. I set up my SLR next to the video camera, so I could shoot my own version of the animation. There was a few mishaps along the way, but for what is essentially the first time I’ve tried something like this, I’m pretty happy with the results.

The Tree of Knowledge
February 11, 2010, 12:18 am
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Next Wednesday we will be given two hours to create an animation lasting between 10 and 20 seconds. The theme for everyones animation is books, but you really have a lot of freedom with regard to how you use books, and the part they play in the idea.

Our idea is based around the Tree of Knowledge. Below is tree we’ve built, made from thousands of pieces of paper, all taken from different books, and threaded onto wire. The wire branches were then tied together along with the help of a glue gun to create the structure of a tree. Finally I added white plasticine to make it stand up, but also create the trunk and enhance the overall look of the tree. On some of the branches are little books. In the animation the tree will actually grow from the “Book of Knowledge”. Each of the books is another world, and as the show you what grows within the book of knowledge, we will then show you the world that grows in a book within a book….

This will take a while to load. Its a test animation of the tree spinning.

January 31, 2010, 6:24 pm
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Brief: Create 3D typography which communicates the word behind it
My word is “Horror”
Rather than being conceptual, and avoiding any cliches, I embraced them full-heartedly and created a set of six “scary letters” which in reality… appear to be more cute and nice than scary… But so is the effect of plasticine!

I shut my eyes in order to see – Snow Design
January 11, 2010, 12:37 am
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Update: Won the competition!

Along with the heavy snow falling this week came a brief from my teacher. It asked us to create a typographic design from snow. Of course a million ideas fill your head as you imagine the incredible sculptures you will now create, but when you get out into the cold wet snow, you realise its not as easy as you expected. In fact it turns out that sculpting anything from snow requires far more skill than I have. Feeling the disappointment along with my housemate Jon, we decide the best thing to do is work together. Going into the snow with a mate means you don’t give up so easily. In fact today, we spent the entire day creating our work. Last night was spent brainstorming, deciding on what we wanted to write with the snow, and the different ways we could do this. We came across a quote by Paul Gauguin which read “I shut my eyes in order to see”. We both loved it, and found that creating a series of images would allow us creation of more ideas.

The sentence was split into I shut / my eyes / in order / to see


Once the sun had gone down we set about creating “I Shut”. The first words of the sentence. We used the tops off our coffee and tea holders which are shaped like domes, using them to create perfectly rounded Hemispheres. We made dozens of these which were placed to created italic typography. This was perhaps the most beautiful thing we created all day, but the photo we got here simply doesn’t do it justice.


This piece was created by scraping snow off the ground. I didn’t want us to just get a stick and draw in the snow though, I wanted it on a different scale altogether. To begin with we used a trolley to draw the guidelines with. We then used the lid of a box to scrap the snow away. This technique took a huge amount of time, and was extremely hard work. With such little time to get the whole thing finished, I thought about what we could do to speed the process up. Turning the trolley upside down, I found the weight meant I could simply pull it along, and the snow would come with it.

This sped the process up massively. It was still hard work, but after an hour or two we were finished.


The idea here was, to create the lettering using blocks. Almost like bricks of snow. We gathered up a bucket full of snow, and took it to the path where the snow had faded. The best thing about creating this piece was how so many people walking past asked about what we were creating. Many of them went off to see the other typography we had created around the common, a few even asking where they would be able to find the finished images. I loved creating work which was then left for anyone walking by to have a look at.


This was very simple, and the easiest of the 4 to make. We decided to create the letters on a pile of logs. Scraping the snow off two parts, then putting snow back to create each letter. I really love this setting, these were probably the most successful photographs of the day.


Comic Sans Destroyed: Part 1
November 22, 2009, 6:37 pm
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On Friday I finally got round to having my 3D workshop, cutting the letter “x” in Comic Sans out of mdf. The project brief, is to create a letter in comic sans, then destroy it. We have to make two versions, one from wood, which will be kept, and the other from any material you want, which you destroy.
I took my wood letter down to the casting area of the workshop, and created a clay wall around the letter, this will hold the rubber mould in place till it dries. I applied three coats of varnish to the letter, with half an hour break between coats, and also cut up a mountain of rubber, ready to be liquified and poured into my mould.

Paper Sculptures
November 16, 2009, 10:36 pm
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Sculpting Paper

Split into groups, we were given a few hours to create the tallest structure we could, constructed using 3 Newspapers. I worked with Sam and Jesse, and together we talked through our ideas before deciding the best idea was to create the structure from tubes of newspaper, like scaffolding. An hour into the session we realized the paper was far too weak to support a structure more than a few feet tall. We rethought our idea, and decided on creating very thin, tightly rolled poles of paper, from which we made three very tall poles. These were tied together with more supports added.

At the end of the day we came second, our structure beaten by just a few feet. Still our pole lasted till the end of the day without collapsing, and was far higher than I had first imagined we could create.